Our Impact

The loop starts with you and ends with returned nutrients to your soil.

Municipal green bin waste is collected from your doorstep and taken to our composting facility in Calgary. From here, the recycled material continues its journey through the composting process to its final stage; becoming a powerful yet natural soil amendment. All stages contribute to closing the loop and benefiting not only agricultural and other communities but society and the environment as a whole.

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It’s more than just compost.

Our mission is to provide solutions that leave a positive impact on our environment:

  • The development of our compost product has helped divert thousands of tons of green bin waste from the landfill each and every year.
  • Reducing GHG emissions is another goal of ours with over 200,000 metric tons of avoided CO2 emissions annually across Canada.
  • We’re focused on using the resources we have within our Canadian borders. Our goal is to encourage a self-sustaining economy and rely less on imports.

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